Santa Barbara Saints Youth Football League

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If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
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    Heat Preparedness and Hydration
    What Is Heads Up Football?
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    “For over 45 years, the Santa Barbara Youth Football League has brought together thousands of local athletes across all demographics, to participate in the sport of football. Many of the life-skills our young athletes develop while playing in the SBYFL serve them throughout their lives; self-confidence, perseverance, respect, discipline and teamwork to name a few. SBYFL is committed to ensuring that all local youth have an opportunity to participate in our program, regardless of economic status. We extend our deepest gratitude to our local sponsors for ensuring that youth football remains accessible to our area youth, regardless of income. Please email or click the DONATE tab below for sponsorship opportunities"
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    Saints 1st week
    New 2016 Weight Changes
    Mighty Might
    Age 6-max wt: unlimited
    Age 7-max wt: unlimited
    Age 8-max wt: 70 lbs *
    X- Player max: 90 lbs

    Age 8-max wt: 115 lbs *
    X-Player max: Unlimited
    Age 9-max wt: 90 lbs *
    X-Player max: 120 lbs
    Age 10-max wt: 70 lbs ♓

    Age 9-max wt: 120 lbs *
    X-Player max: Unlimited
    Age 10-max wt: 100 lbs *
    X-Player max: 130 lbs
    Age 11-max wt: 80 lbs ♓

    Age 10-max wt: 130 lbs *
    X-Player max: Unlimited
    Age 11-max wt: 110 lbs *
    Age 12- max wt: 85 lbs ♓

    Age 11-max wt: 140 lbs *
    X-Player max: Unlimited
    Age 12-max wt: 120 lbs *
    X-Player max: 160 lbs
    Age 13-max wt: 100 lbs ♓

    Age 12-max wt: 180 lbs *
    Age 13-max wt: 170 lbs *
    Age 14-max wt: 160 lbs *
    Age 12, 13, 14 X-Player max: No Limit

    * X-Player Rules apply beyond posted weight limits
    ♓ 5 lbs Weight gain for playoffs

    The SBYFL is committed to ensuring a positive youth football experience and advancing player safety this fall by providing league-wide coaching education and teaching resources that benefit players, parents and coaches through USA Football's Heads Up Football program. Please view the video for information on USA Football Heads Up Program that is also supported by the NFL.


    To provide the opportunity for youth to profit from physical, mental, moral and spiritual development using the great game of football as a catalyst.

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    Office: 4540 Hollister Ave, Santa Barbara
    Mailing: PO Box 60348, SB, CA 93160